2002: Grenoble France- Helio d’oro gallery

2005: Aix en provence- City hall gallery

2013: Grenoble France- exhibition “femmes”, City Old library

2013: Los Angeles 14 et 15 sept, Shogart Gallery, Burbank

2013: RAWartists Hollywood September 5th (Hollywood/Highland Center)

2014: Pont de Claix France- exhibition “femmes”, House of associations

2016 : Grenoble – “les nouveaux mythes”

2020 : Montpellier – PUNK ROCK –  40 Illustrations du livre “Histoire orale du Punk Rock”

2021 : Paris Art shopping – Carrousel du Louvre 23-25 octobre


Movies :

2011: “Santiago files” (USA) , 2 storyboards, animated

2014 :”Dawn at Midnight” (USA), storyboards

Book covers:

2008:”Underground voices vol 1″(USA)

2011:”On the verge” Peres Owino (USA)

2012: “From the UV files”

2012: “King of the Baja”

2014:“Jungle Shark” Steven Loton (UK)

2014:“Chainsaw hawk” Steven Loton (UK)

2014:“Riker” Steven Loton (UK)

2014:“Riker ,night of the vampire” Steven Loton (UK)

2014:“Switchblade girl” Steven Loton (UK)

Illustrations :

2012:”Que la farce soit avec vous” (Jello Biafra), 2 inner illustrations

2015 (ongoing):«Mon Doudou sent trop bon » , cover and inner illustrations[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]